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Below are some selected reviews of my new book, Pet Photography 101: Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Dog or Cat (link to the book and reviews on I sincerely appreciate all reviews and welcome you to submit yours. I will only add them to the site after receiving permission from you via e-mail. Please note that I will try to, but cannot guarantee that I will be able to include every review I receive. You can send all reviews to me via the contact page. I also encourage you to post your reviews on, B& or other appropriate websites/newsgroups. Thanks and have fun taking pictures! -Andrew Darlow

“…With the aid of this handy guide, photographers of all skill levels can produce heartwarming shots that are certain to delight any pet parent. Andrew Darlow offers advice on composition, lighting, setting up fun shots, and printing the best quality images so you can produce top-quality work that will set you ahead of the pack.” -Shutterbug Magazine

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“One of life’s greatest joys is our pets. Dogs, cats, and other animals represent love, joy, and boundless fun. Bravo to Andrew for creating an inspiring book! Just follow his guidance and you’re unleashed to creating works of art. As a celebrity pet photographer, I believe the book identifies great tips. Wishing you joy & wags!”

– Lori A. Cheung & Flash, the chiweenie (chihuahua-dachshund),

“At last, a photography book for our changing times and equipment. As uncomplicated or sophisticated as you desire, depending on your camera and curiosity. Whipped cream on the cake; for the best photos you want. Highly useful and most enjoyable.”

Mordecai Siegal, author and photographer, The UC Davis Book of Dog

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    Andrew Darlow, Author of Pet Photography 101: Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Dog or Cat., at a client's home with their very friendly Dalmatian. Photo by David Levy