Recent WLOB Maine Interview on Holiday Photo Tips Available for Download

I’m ┬ávery happy to announce that I was recently interviewed by Debi Davis of Mind Your Own Business Radio on the topic of how to take better holiday photos. The interview runs about 16 minutes, and you can listen to it here:┬ávia this link In the interview I share various tips for photographing people, pets […]

Results Have been Posted for the Pet Art Assignment

I recently had the honor of judging the Phoozl “Pet Art Show” Assignment. I’ve been fortunate to judge a number of photo contests over the years, both online and in person. It’s never easy to make final selections, but it’s always been enjoyable. You can see all the images I chose, plus my comments for […]

A Guide to Understanding Exposure Compensation and Auto Exposure Bracketing in Photography

This article expands on the information in Tip #8 of my book, Pet Photography 101 (pages 19-20). It’s an overview of exposure compensation and auto exposure bracketing in photography. Exposure Compensation: What it is and How to Use it One of the most useful exposure controls available on all DSLRs and most point and shoot […]

How to Take Control of Color Temperature in Photography

This article includes the full text of Tip #4 of my book, Pet Photography 101 (page 14) plus some additional information and tips. Color temperature is an important consideration in photography. By learning what types of light have what approximate color temperature, you can more easily choose a color temperature and balance your lighting. For […]

An Overview of the Most Popular Camera Types Used Today

This article expands on the information in Tip #1 of my book, Pet Photography 101 (pages 2-8). It is an overview of the most popular camera types primarily used today. So without further ado… Overviews of popular types of cameras used today: 1. Film Cameras Most people (including me) learned photography using film cameras. Film […]

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