I’ve Been Asked to Judge “The Cat’s Meow” Photo Contest (entries due 6/12)

I’m looking forward to judging “The Cat’s Meow” photo contest on Phoozl.com (it’s free to enter, and entries will be accepted until 6/12). I’ve judged a few other contests on Phoozl.com, and I always enjoy seeing the entries. Cats are definitely one of my favorite subjects, and based on sites like icanhascheeseburger.com, I’m guessing I’m […]

I’m Guest Author this Month on DogRead

I’m very happy to announce that I will be guest author for the month of September on DogRead. DogRead is a free, moderated online book club hosted on Yahoo!Groups where authors and members participate in an interactive workshop format featuring a new dog-related book each month. I’ll be answering questions and commenting on photos posted […]

PhotoPetTips.com Launches a Flickr.com Group!

PhotoPetTips.com now has a Flickr Group! It’s free to join, and will allow any Flickr.com member to post photos of pets or pets with their people friends, as well ask questions about photographing pets and people. I’ll be announcing a photo contest soon just for group members. You can read all about it here.