The links below feature websites and organizations we recommend visiting:


Everyone Loves Elwood – This website covers the adventures of Elwood and his “Mom” Karen. Elwood and Karen have helped countless pets find new homes and they have helped raise a lot of money for a range of charitable organizations. Karen and Elwood also wrote the Foreword to my new book. Pet Photography 101. You can download the Foreword, Table of Contents and more here.

Pets with Disabilities – This is a great organization dedicated to rescuing pets who have become disabled in some way. They have a wonderful story about how the organization was founded, and they do incredible work. I met them at a Super Pet Expo years ago and included a photo of their booth in my new book, Pet Photography 101.

SELECTED PHOTO WEBSITES (Tips, News and Podcasts) – This site contains many useful photo tips articles, including this very good article with wonderful photos and pet photography tips by Jasper Stenger, who is based in the Netherlands. is a company who provides many different print services, from prints to books.

• – This website has a lot of useful information from professionals in the fields they cover. This excellent article is a safety guide that covers common household hazards for pets, food safety for pets, pet-proofing, and other helpful resources for pet owners. – This site has a wealth of information about many different money-related issues, from credit cards to insurance. The site also includes a very interesting (and comprehensive) article titled: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Aid for Pets.